Valerie Jeannis | Author & Motivational Speaker


“One of our students heard Valerie speak and made arrangements for her to come back, which alone speaks to the student response.” Sasha Diamond-Lenow, Academic Director of STREET SQUASH


VALERIE JEANNIS Youth Motivational Speaker & Leadership Trainer

VALERIE JEANNIS, MSW is an author and youth motivational speaker daring young women and youth to never settle by challenging them to pursue their dreams unapologetically and to own their extraordinary. Her books include: I Am Beautiful: The Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams, which is a guide to a journey of self-discovery; Birth Your Dream: The Dreamer’s Manual  (Spring 2015), which is a manual and a charge to dare to dream and to pursue and birth your dreams; and God Is My Business Coach: The Faith-Based Dreamer’s Manual (Spring/Fall 2015), which is a collection of faith-based lessons and challenges for all those who’ve ever had a dream and then asked themselves, “Now What?”

Unashamed to use her life as a teaching mechanism, Valerie speaks about the necessity of a dream and an unapologetic approach and attitude. She has worked with those in both secular and religious settings, from universities to high schools to church congregations and community organizations. Past clients include, New York University, Bella Abzug Leadership Program, the Board of Education public schools, Street Squash Organization. Valerie is an international speaker and has been selected as the keynote speaker for events such as the Day of the Girl and National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Her interactive presentation and her down-to-earth speaking style is just one of the reasons students themselves request her and administrators bring her back.

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